Temporary Site Alarms

Templec install battery powered, wireless, addressable site alarms designed specifically for the construction industry using Category 1 radio frequency conforming to EN 300 220 Category 1.

The Cygnus system has been designed for use in dense concrete & steel structures using a networking mesh system whereby the devices communicate with each other and not directly to the control panel.

The system is easily expandable and can cover your entire project.

Manually operated evacuation system, fire alarm system with detection, intruder alarm with PIR detection, First Aid system......you choose.

Cygnus is our 'go to' product and is used extensively on our projects.

Control Panels | Services | Templec

Control Panels
  • Up to 480 addressable call points
  • GSM option with SMS alert
  • Silent test function
  • Evacuate site function
  • Event history
  • Battery backup
  • Simple user interface
Detection | Services | Templec

  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection
  • Integral 85dB sounder
  • Optional intruder detection via integral PIR
  • Internal use only
Call Points | Services | Templec

Call Points
  • Suitable for external use, IP65 rated
  • Integral 110dB sounder
  • Integral LED beacon
  • Optional intruder detection via integral PIR
  • Optional First aid function
  • Up to 480 call points per control panel
  • Robust design
Interface Modules | Services | Templec

Interface Modules
  • Interface with other fire systems
  • Interface with turnstiles
  • Suitable for external use, IP65 rated
  • Robust design


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