Temporary Site Plumbing

We install temporary water and drainage services to the site accommodation and chlorination & water quality testing when requested.

When necessary we can install above ground foul pumping stations for your waste water to help mitigate the need for waste tanks and the hassle of having them emptied.

In addition to your welfare we can install of all your site-wide temporary water supplies, including standpipes, silo's, wheel washing, dust suppression as well as high rise pressurised water supplies.

Welfare Services | Services | Templec

Welfare Services
  • Site welfare
  • Site wide water services
  • High rise water services
  • Chlorination
  • UKAS laboratory water testing
Water Boosting Sets | Services | Templec

Water Boosting Sets
  • Single & three phase
  • Long term reliability
  • Single & twin pump
  • High rise developments
  • Site wide coverage
  • Integral & standalone break tanks
Foul Pumping Stations | Services | Templec

Foul Pumping Stations
  • Three phase twin pump
  • Long term reliability
  • Multiple entry points
  • No more waste tanks
  • No more tank emptying
  • Compact design
  • Above ground positioning
  • No excavation works
Trace Heating | Services | Templec

Trace Heating
  • Frost protection
  • Self regulating cable
  • Supplementary external frost stats
  • RCD protected power supplies
  • Reduced chance of pipe freezing
  • Reduced chance of site closure due to no welfare
  • Cost effective when compared to trenching


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