Significant steps into energy reduction on construction sites have already been made by Templec and we are committed to improving our performance and helping our clients reduce their environmental impact.

ISO 14001 accreditation since 2009.

Templec Remote Energy Monitoring Computers Support



Understanding the benefit of Remote Energy Monitoring has led to an increased number of construction companies adopting the facility for their construction sites.

For a nominal cost it is possible to acquire Real Time energy usage for the construction site and with this information we can see energy consumed in any given period, peak loads, unbalanced installations & potential spare capacity.

Having this information to hand allows our clients to make informed decisions when considering additions to the installation, it can help in avoiding the use of unnecessary generators, it can help identify unnecessary energy usage when the site is closed, it can assist in forming accurate budgets for energy usage & reduce the size of temporary builders supplies for future projects and it can provide a means to check energy bills.

All of this is achieved remotely using a web browser.

LED Lighting Strip

led lighting


Templec have been providing energy efficient lighting for well over a decade with our first step phasing out the traditional 58w 1500mm fluorescent lights in favour of 36w lights, this alone has been providing our clients an energy saving of circa 35%.

However, with the availability of cost effective & even lower energy LED alternatives we are gradually phasing out all forms of fluorescent lighting and in the very near future will be 100% LED.

We have been installing LED floodlighting for a number of years, not only is this of great benefit to energy reduction, it has been a boon for reducing risk of injury through manual handling and working at high level, LED floodlighting is considerably more compact and lightweight when compared to the traditional 400w SON-T or 400w Metal Halide floodlights.

Lighting Control at Templec Site services

SMART lighting


The use of time clocks, photocells, PIR's and so on is not new, these have been used to control site floodlighting for years, ensuring they are only on when needed, however the ability to control site wide safety lighting has not been as straight forward, resulting in many construction sites leaving their site safety lighting switched on when the site is closed.

Not satisfied with this, Templec have developed their own solution and are gradually rolling out SMART LIGHTING control as an integral part of our standard method of installation, providing time clock controlled lighting throughout the construction site.

Our system includes integral changeover switches to override the time clock control in the unlikely event of time clock failure as well as providing a method for switching on the lights when working outside the time clock parameters.

Reduce, Reuse , Recycle illustration



Our first step is to ensure deliveries are sent to site using the minimum of packaging and all cardboard & paper is recycled.

Cable drums are retrieved from site and returned to our premises where they are subsequently collected by our cable providers and continually reused.

Spent fluorescent tubes are disposed off in a controlled & audited process, however with the increasing use of LED alternatives the need will be gradually phased out.